I cannot recommend Ashley enough ???? I have had a terrible time of trying to get my 2 year olds hair cut , to the point he would be screaming the place down as he doesn’t like anyone touching his hair,and the hair cut would never end well. Today we had a break through ???? we had screaming at the start but with a lot of patience and care. My son became very comfortable around Ashley , he gave my son a comb to use , so he could comb mummy’s hair and Ashley even combed his own in front of him. My son would not sit in the chair but Ashley was happy to accommodate my sons needs by letting me hold him while he cut his hair . This is the first time EVER! He has let anyone do this ???? we even got to the point where my son stood by himself and let Ashley touch his hair without him clinging on to me. For dear life . I’m so happy that this definitely deserved a good review. So any mums out there struggling with a toddler please pop on down to Ashley ???? plus he has lots of sweets to keep the little darlings happy ????

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